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22 Juli 2013

Styles Photoshop InkyDeals Designers Treasure Chest

Creating a gradient is not that hard, but it’s a time consuming activity. And we’re all well aware that time is one of the most important assets a designer could possibly have.


InkyDeals Designers Treasure ChestOver | 80.000 PS - Ai Gradients | + 15.000 FREE Layer Styles | 187 MB

Gradients are, and will always be, an important resource in every designer’s collection. They’re attractive, useful and adding such a subtle detail will make your designs stand out of the crowd.But using a low-quality, amateurish gradient or layer styles can do more harm than good. Thinking of this, we sweet-talked the guys from VectorFantasy into giving us a humongous bundle containing over 80.000 PS & Ai gradients containing every style you could possibly think of.

These gradients vary from subtle to mixed, are sorted in different folders for an easier browsing and they can be used in Photoshop with different options such as: Linear, Radial, Angle, Reflected and Diamond.

And thats not all. On top of these 50.000 Ps Gradients and 30.000 Ai Gradients, you will receive 15.000 Free Photoshop Layer Styles to complete your collection. Just think about it, having over 95.000 gradients and layer styles at your fingertips.




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